20+ Different Varieties of Snake Plants to Grow Indoors

1. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Mom-in-law’s Tongue’

This cultivar is essentially the most broadly cultivated snake plant. Its darkish inexperienced pointed leaves develop in an upward path and might attain as much as Three ft. Its flowers are in white or cream colours, resembling lilies.

2. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Twist’

Just like the identify, its pointy leaves twist from the highest. It grows as much as 2 ft tall and has a yellow variegated border with horizontal stripes. It’s a slow-growing plant, so count on it to maintain the world inexperienced, wherever you set it, for lengthy!

3. Sansevieria ‘Golden hahnii’

Sansevieria trifasciata is a dwarf cultivar that grows as much as 10 inches tall. Its darkish inexperienced foliage has a particular, creamy margin with an upright and dense rosette look, making it good for espresso tables.

4. Sansevieria ‘Futura robusta’

Futura robusta is a simple to keep up plant, with brief and broad leaves. This unique selection has silver-green foliage with darkish inexperienced horizontal stripes. It’s a in style compact selection snake plant, rising 24 inches tall.

5. Sansevieria ‘Black gold’

Sansevieria black gold is likely one of the most tasty sorts of snake vegetation. They’ve darkish inexperienced, broad leaves with yellow outlines on the perimeters. Like the opposite species, they develop nicely in low mild situations, reaching as much as 30-35 inches in top.

6. Sansevieria ‘Cylindrica’

Providing an enchantment of the fortunate bamboo plant, the Cylindrica can develop as much as 20-24 inches tall and thrives nicely in oblique daylight. Water it repeatedly for finest progress.

7. Sansevieria ‘Laurentii’

Its darkish inexperienced leaves with yellow borders look lovely with zig-zag, horizontal stripes. It grows as much as 30-24 inches lengthy. Divide the plant for propagation.

8. Sansevieria ‘Bantel’s sensation’

This cultivar grows as much as 30-32 inches tall, making it an apt alternative as an indoor plant. With a faint white line working on the border on its slender leaves, it makes fairly a press release. Save from drought since it could actually trigger brown spots on leaves.

9. Sansevieria ‘Desert’

Also called the rhino grass, due to its pointed succulent leaves with a crimson tint. It grows in an upward path, reaching a top of 20-24 inches. This selection is native to the Kalahari desert in Africa.

10. Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’

The silvery-green leaves of moonshine make it probably the greatest sorts of Snake Crops. It reaches as much as Four ft in top and in addition acts as an air air purifier. It thrives nicely in neglect and would not want a lot consideration.

11. Sansevieria masoniana ‘Mason congo’

Sansevieria Masoniana is also referred to as the ‘Whale fin’ or ‘Sharkfin.’ This succulent plant has gorgeous foliage, with darkish inexperienced leaves and light-weight inexperienced spots. It might attain as much as 45 inches in top.

12. Sansevieria kirkii ‘Star sansevieria’

Also called the Pangane Sansevieria, this selection is kind of in style amongst houseplant growers. The leaves develop as much as 6 ft lengthy and 3-Four inches extensive. It has darkish inexperienced foliage with distinctive, fluorescent inexperienced patterns. Permit the soil to dry between watering spill.

13. Sansevieria gracilis

This compact selection of snake vegetation grows as much as 18 inches. It has a sharp, lengthy, slender and plumped leaves, ringed in white-green colour. Partial, vibrant, and oblique daylight is good for them.

14. Sansevieria fischeri

When you’re keen on rising small vegetation, then this selection is ideal for you. It attains a top of lower than 16 inches. It blooms in summers with a cluster of white flowers. Throughout winters, plant it indoors, because it can’t bear frost and chilly winds.

15. Sansevieria patens

Sansevieria Patens kinds a rosette construction with inexperienced leaves, lined in darkish shade. They develop as much as Three ft tall. Rare waterings and vibrant, oblique daylight are finest for them.

16. Sansevieria canaliculate

Native to Madagascar, Canaliculate grows as much as Three ft tall. This selection can’t resist drought, so hold them indoors throughout winters. Hold them in oblique daylight and keep away from overwatering.

17. Sansevieria ballyi

This selection can also be known as dwarf sansevieria. It grows as much as 6 inches tall with darkish inexperienced leaves with a lightweight inexperienced stripe on the edges. Keep away from overwatering as it could actually trigger root rot.

18. Sansevieria Ehrenbergii “Blue Sansevieria”

Not like the identify, Blue sansevieria isn’t blue in any respect; the inexperienced leaves have a contact of copper hue. The plant has an uncommon form with leaves stacked on prime of eachother. Oblique, partial daylight is good for the plant. Permit soil to get dry between watering spill.

19. Sansevieria Cleopatra

This enticing hybrid selection is a beginner, rising as much as 12-14 inches lengthy. The sides of its foliage are brown with an intricate sample of darkish inexperienced. Hold the -plant nicely watered and permit the soil to get dry earlier than watering once more.

20. Sansevieria Parva ‘Kenya Hyacinth’

Kenya hyacinth grows in a rosette type with 6 to 12 leaves, reaching a top of 16 inches. It has white flowers with a delightful perfume like hyacinth. Keep away from overwatering because it leads to root rot.

21.Sansevieria Eillensis Chahin

The blue-green and lengthy leaves of this snake plant selection measurement as much as 5 inches tall. It has spiky flowers, rising as much as 12 inches. This snake plant is drought resistant and would not ask for a lot water.

22. Sansevieria zeylanica ‘Ceylon Bowstring Hemp’

This evergreen perennial selection grows as much as 24-28 inches lengthy. The darkish inexperienced leaves have vertical, with small and enormous, white spots. Safeguard ceylon bowstring hemp from the assault of mealy bugs and keep away from overwatering the plant.

23.Sensevieria Whitney

This compact number of sansevieria has a snakeskin-like sample on the leaves. It reaches as much as 20 inches in top. The darkish inexperienced, sword-like leaves are sharp-tipped and really onerous to the touch. Use well-draining soil and keep away from overwatering the plant.

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