32 Most Beautiful Bell-shaped Flowers You Should Grow in Your Garden

Why Grow Bell-Shaped Flowers?

The simple bell shape looks appealing to the eye and also stands for the Christmas spirit. They can add different shapes, textures, and bright colors to offset other


You can intersperse these with other flowers to bring more interest to the garden. Choose to grow them in containers, hanging baskets, and garden beds.

1. Persian Lilies

You can find this bell-shaped flower in unique shades of green, deep red, deep purple, and ivory. This plant is also resistant to rabbits and deer.

2. Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells grow clusters of flowers in purple, pink, and orange shades, known as inflorescence. It has a long blooming period and attracts butterflies and bees

to the garden.

3. Grape Hyacinths

The beautiful flowers of Grape Hyacinths can add drama, color, and texture to your garden. The rich shades of blue-purple can make them look mesmerizing.

4. Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel, also called the Calico Bush, is a gorgeous flowering species that produces plenty of tiny bell-shaped flowers in white. It thrives best in all-day

indirect light.

5. Foxgloves

Grow Foxgloves for their bell-shaped flowers in purple, white, yellow, or pink shades. Each blossom changes its shade as it fades, creating a stunning ombre effect.

6. Angel’s Trumpet

If you want to create a dramatic effect, grow Angel’s Trumpets that are stunning to behold. The bell-shaped fragrant flowers can also raise your privacy in the yard.

7. Korean Bellflower

Korean Bellflowers can instantly make heads turn. Grow this low-maintenance plant for its attractive, drooping, satiny-creamy, lilac-pink-colored bell-shaped

flowers in the garden.

8. Beard Tongue

Penstemon can never fail to amaze you with its bell-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors, including white, blue, red, rose, purple, and bi-color.

9. Lily of the Valley

Grow Lily of the Valley for its pretty, fragrant, classic, white, or pink, bell-shaped flowers dangling from stems like pendants in spring.

10. Bluebells

If you want downward-drooping, purple, bell-shaped flowers, you can grow Bluebells in your garden. Pollinators love this plant that prefers to grow in shaded

woodland gardens.

11. White Mountain Heather

White Mountain Heather looks similar to Lily of the Valley and can be grown for several reasons. The white bell flowers look spectacular with the red calyxes.

12. Guinea Hen Flowers

Guinea Hen flowers present a unique look to your garden in shades of pink, red, white, or purple. It grows best in the combination of well-draining soil and indirect


13. Peach-Leaved Bellflowers

Peach-Leaved Bellflowers can look stunning against any shorter plants, with unusual leaves resembling peach tree leaves. It is deer-resistant, and pests do not attack

it too.

14. Virginia Bluebells

This plant can grow up to 2-4 feet tall with purple bell-shaped flowers and gray-green leaves. Keep it in 3-4 hours of sunlight daily for best blooms.

15. Coral Bells

Coral Bells or Alumroots belong to the genus Heuchera, and there are over 35 species in this family to choose from. Bees and butterflies love the bell-shaped

beautiful flowers.

16. Snowdrops

The tiny, bell-shaped white flowers droop like snowdrops, hence the name. Make sure it gets plenty of indirect light all day long for the best growth.

17. Snowdrop Tree

A Snowdrop Tree is an actual tree that can reach up to 50-80 feet on maturity and produce bell-shaped flowers. It can continue to bloom for almost 100 years!

18. Bells of Ireland

You can grow Bells of Ireland as it is a low-maintenance plant that can thrive well in various climatic conditions. The unusual pale-emerald green, bell-shaped

flowers look unique!

19. Twinflowers

A pair of bell-shaped flowers growing on each stem drooping downward and in opposite directions can make this an attractive addition to your garden.

20. Daffodil

Grow cheerful, bright, bell-shaped Daffodils to add a dash of color to your garden in early spring and late winter. Pick from shades, including yellow, peach, and


21. Swamp Doghobble

Enhance your privacy in the yard with these bell-shaped flowers that are unique. The plant produces rows of white-pink bell-shaped blooms and is not prone to


22. Tulips

With huge bell-shaped flowers that grow directly upward, it can be a spectacular view to watch them fill your garden with vibrant blossoms.

23. Common Columbine

Common Columbine or Aquilegia, Granny’s Bonner, or Granny’s Nightcap is native to Europe. This bell-shaped, pink, white, or violet flowering perennial looks

pretty anywhere!

24. Spring Snowflake

Spring Snowflake is another white-colored dangling bell-shaped flowering plant that blooms in spring. This bulbous perennial loves to grow in full sunlight to part


25. Dalmatian Bellflower

Dalmatian Bellflower is an evergreen perennial plant that produces deep lavender purple-colored bell-shaped blooms. It also looks great in hanging baskets.

26. Fuschia

Growing this lovely, tender perennial in shades of purple, white, red, or pink produces bell-shaped flowers. It is perfect for hanging baskets or containers indoors.

27. Stinking Hellebore

This bell-shaped flowering plant produces a powerful odor whenever the leaves are crushed hence the name. However, do not allow this to stop you from growing

this gorgeous plant!

28. Casa Blanca

With purple-red, pink, white, bell-shaped flowers, Casa Blanca does really well in indirect light, which makes it perfect for growing indoors too.

29. Amaryllis

You can find this beautiful bell-shaped flower in shades of red, yellow, purple, white, and orange. Grow it in well-draining soil and indirect light.

30. Million Bells

Calibrachoa looks best in containers, hanging baskets, or cascading planters and is a popular choice for bouquets. These bell-shaped flowers make it simply


31. Cowberry

Cowberry belongs to a genus that includes over 400 species of flowering plants that produce flowers in shades of light pink to white that look like bells.

32. Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily is one of the most stunning flowers of spring that puts on a vibrant display of colors and beauty. The bell-shaped blooms come in shades of red, orange,

and yellow.

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