“A Boy’s Journey to Finding Love and Comfort in the Unconditional Loyalty of a Canine Companion”

When Rommel Quemenales was just a child, his parents separated, and he was forced to live a life apart from both of them. He has lived with this distance his whole life and has always missed having a close relationship with them. Although he had an older sister who lived in a different city, Rommel could not afford the expenses to visit her. This left him with no choice but to live on the streets and beg for food after finishing second grade.


Rommel had to stop his studies earlier than expected as he was left alone by those closest to him. Despite this setback, he never lost his passion for learning and wanted to pursue it further. During his challenging times, Rommel found comfort in the company of his dog. The images of the boy and his faithful furry friend became popular on the internet and gained international attention when his story went viral on social media, touching the hearts of countless people.


In 2018, Maria Kabs was touched by the heartwarming bond between a young boy and his dog whom she saw on the streets. She captured some poignant moments between them and posted the pictures on her Facebook account. The story soon went viral across the globe, along with the image of Rommel sleeping peacefully with his dog in his arms, despite their struggles. Rommel claims that he has attained inner peace in the company of Badgi, a homeless dog who had also been wandering alone on the streets. Together, they have become the best of friends, motivating each other to overcome life’s challenges.


Rommel and his faithful companion, Badgi, shared a special bond as they roamed the streets in search of sustenance. Even though Rommel’s food portions were small, he never hesitated to share them with Badgi, who in turn would look out for him and protect him from other children on the streets. At night, the two would snuggle up closely, finding solace in each other’s company and forgetting about the challenges of the day.


Together, Rommel and Badgi have found solace in their common struggles, which have helped them develop a renewed sense of optimism. With Badgi’s unwavering companionship, Rommel no longer feels alone or vulnerable to the ridicule of others. Whether he’s living on the streets or surrounded by wealth, Badgi’s devoted love is all that matters to him. Through the combined efforts of numerous individuals and the widespread dissemination of Maria’s post detailing Rommel’s and Badgi’s journey, the young boy now has the opportunity to attend school, paving the way for a brighter future for both himself and his beloved furry friend.


Rommel, though he has encountered hardships in his young life, continues to radiate love, hope, and happiness. He cherishes the deep connection he has formed with his dear canine companion.

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