A Devoted Dog’s Heartfelt Goodbye: Mourning Pup Laid to Rest by Loyal Companion

It is heart-wrenching for a mother to lose her child, and this sentiment holds true even in the animal kingdom. Mothers, whether human or animal, tend to be protective of their offspring. One such instance was witnessed when Bettie, a dog, faced an extremely sad situation where one of her puppies passed away. Despite putting in hours of effort to revive her pup, Bettie eventually came to terms with the reality and let him go. Her owner mentioned that the grieving dog instinctively took responsibility for burying the dead puppy’s body, which was captured on camera as a tragic yet touching moment.

In September 2020, a video was released showing Lenny Rose Ellema burying her four-year-old dog Bettie. The footage shows her digging a trench and covering the entire body of her beloved pet, who was dying at the time.

As per a report by Diario Sevilla, Rose from the Pangasinan province in the Philippines shared that her canine companion, who is four years old, had lost her newborn puppy. Driven by maternal instincts, Rose’s dog attempted to revive her pup by caring for it. Interestingly, this was not the first time she had gone through such an experience. Last year, one of her previous puppies passed away while giving birth, and the dog had shown the same behavior then too.

He remarked that the dog was unique because her owners didn’t teach her to do it, and she naturally did it. The video shows Bettie’s grief as the dog stands by her child’s grave, pouring dirt on it and guarding him even in death. It’s a touching yet heartbreaking sight as the dog seemed to want to protect the child from the outside world and offer him a sacred burial. Some experts suggest that dogs instinctively do this to prevent predators from being attracted to the body and endangering the rest of the litter.

It’s heart-wrenching to see a video of a dog burying one of its own puppies that has gained over 14 thousand views. However, there is some good news as additional footage provided by the same user shows that the dog was okay months later.

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