A Helping Hand: Witness Aids Dogs in Their Battle for Survival After a Brutal Ordeal

Louisiana recently experienced its worst flood in modern history. Approximately 40,000 homes were flooded, forcing 30,000 people to evacuate, and unfortunately, the tragedy resulted in the loss of 13 lives. Despite the chaos and destruction, a group of heroic volunteers emerged to assist with the rescue of both humans and animals who were trapped due to the severe weather conditions.

Josh Petit shared a photo on his Facebook account on August 15, depicting the disastrous flood that hit Baton Rouge. He expressed his dismay over how the water level rose to 2.5 meters within just two hours, which was a truly horrifying experience. While he was observing the area, he noticed some movement near the bushes, but couldn’t figure out what was happening from a distance.

As I gazed at the dog struggling to stay afloat, only its eyes and nose were visible above the water. It was clear that the poor creature was exhausted – I had never witnessed such a heartbreaking sight. The fear in the dog’s eyes was undeniable. However, we managed to rescue it, and as it emerged from the water, the animal rested its head on my lap, whimpering and crying like a helpless child. I felt a surge of gratitude as the dog seemed to express its appreciation towards me.

The Facebook post quickly gained widespread attention and it wasn’t long before the individuals responsible for the dog, later identified as Sadie, were located.

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