Adorable Toddler Caught on Video Sneaking out of Bed to Snuggle with His Furry Best Friend

Paige Knudtson took in Brutus, a boxer who was just two years old, from a rescue center when she found out she was having a baby named Finn. Knowing how kind and gentle boxers can be as she had grown up with them, she never imagined the importance Brutus would have in her baby’s life. According to Knudtson, Brutus is like a giant teddy bear who loves attention and cuddles with anyone.

During a 20-week pregnancy check-up, Knudtson found out that her baby, Finn, had a serious heart defect. After birth, Finn received several procedures before undergoing open-heart surgery. Luckily, Knudtson discovered the problem beforehand, which saved Finn’s life. Despite some complications, Finn was able to return home after seven weeks, and that’s when Brutus, Finn’s furry friend, showed an immediate connection. It seemed as if Brutus knew that Finn needed extra care, and he has been by Finn’s side ever since.

The two of them have a strong bond and are always together, be it while watching television, playing outside, having meals, or taking a nap. Knudtson revealed that Brutus often snuggles up next to Finn, no matter where he is in the house, and tags along with him wherever he goes. In times when Finn is unwell, Brutus is quick to realize and sticks by his side, laying his head on Finn’s chest.

Brutus cannot stand being away from Finn, not even for a moment. He would scratch the door of Finn’s room or walk back and forth outside until he could enter. Even during nighttime, the siblings feel uneasy when they are apart.

As a little one, Finn had a furry guardian who kept a watchful eye over him as he slept in his crib. Now that Finn has transitioned to a toddler bed, his trusted companion can cuddle up even closer. According to Finn’s owner, Knudtson, the devoted dog, Brutus, started sleeping next to Finn every night when he moved to his new bed. It seems as though Brutus is still on protective duty, this time ensuring that Finn doesn’t fall out of his bed.

Brutus, the loyal dog, never leaves Finn’s side, even if it means sacrificing his own comfort. Finn’s owner, Knudtson, shared that Finn started sleeping on the floor, and naturally, Brutus followed suit. In fact, Brutus would rather sleep next to Finn on the floor than in his own bed. As a result, Knudtson moved Brutus’ dog bed into Finn’s room, and now Finn often chooses to snuggle up with Brutus in his bed instead of his own.

The Knudtson family had a heartwarming bedtime ritual that they captured on video using a nanny cam. Finn would take his blanket and join Brutus in bed if he found him sleeping on the floor. Brutus, being a kind dog, didn’t seem to mind at all and allowed Finn to use him as a cushion.

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