Chad Knight’s breathtaking sculptures blur reality’s boundaries, leaving viewers in awe of his artistic mastery

Chad Knight, a 41-year-old visual artist, is gaining popularity for his mind-blowing 3D drawings. He has a unique way of creating digital sculptures that captivate people all over the web. According to Chad, he believes that he has been a visual artist since birth, and it is more than just what he does, but who he is. He explained that he has an overactive and noisy mind, and creating modern art is one of the few ways he can stay present. Chad used to be a professional skateboarder for 16 years, which served as his creative outlet. However, due to less enthusiasm for broken bones and fewer opportunities to skate, he found a new outlet through his visual art explorations.

In his creative process, Chad shared that his desire to continually improve serves as a significant motivator. He enjoys both the process and the end result of his work. Many people see symbolism in Knight’s surrealism works, and they are right. Every element in his art represents something or someone, and he views his work as an encrypted journal that he can share publicly.

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