Exploring Aogashima: A Serene Japanese Village Tucked Under the Thundering Volcano’s Shadow

About 230 years back, a volcanic eruption caused the loss of nearly 50% of the population. However, the people of Agoshama do not let this catastrophic event dictate their destiny.

The folks of Aogashima, a small island situated around 200 miles away from Tokyo in the Philippine Sea, will never forget the fateful year of 1785. The island’s volcano erupted on May 18, causing the ground to shake and unleashing massive amounts of gas and smoke, along with rocks, mud, and other debris into the air. As the situation worsened, the residents had to evacuate by June 4; however, regrettably, only half of them could manage to flee successfully, leading to the tragic loss of several lives. The calamitous events of that year had a profound impact on the people of Aogashima that endures to this day.

Aogashima, a small village located within the outer crater wall, boasts an idyllic setting with its winding roads leading to the island’s center. The lifestyle on this island stands in stark contrast to Japan’s bustling mainland. While it takes a 200-mile ferry ride or a helicopter trip to reach Tokyo, it’s not uncommon for islanders to yearn for the peace and quiet of their community. With a population of just a few hundred, residents treasure the tranquility of their home, where each day is a chance to enjoy their little slice of paradise.

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