Forever Friends: A Newborn and Golden Retriever Share an Unbreakable Bond of Love Ankit ~3 minutes read It’s a well-established fact that children who grow up with dogs gain a multitude of advantages. Research suggests that infants who are raised in homes with pet dogs have a lower likelihood of developing allergies and exhibit a more robust immune system, particularly during their initial year of life.

Moreover, as kids grow up with dogs, they can acquire essential life skills, such as being gentle and careful when dealing with them. Nevertheless, the most exceptional advantage of having a dog as a childhood friend is the creation of an everlasting bond. This is exemplified in the heartwarming video featuring a Golden Retriever, who just met his new human sibling.

Shane and Emma were thrilled to introduce their new baby boy to his human sister, Amelia, and their furry companions. According to Shane’s Instagram post, one of the dogs couldn’t contain their excitement when they met the little one. The dogs immediately adored the newborn and even took turns watching over him as he slept, but one pup never strayed too far from his side.

Buddy, the lovable golden retriever, loves to be near his human sibling. Even though Nathan is too young to engage with Buddy actively, he stays close and often snuggles up to him for warmth. In a newly posted YouTube video, viewers can see Buddy’s nose resting on Nathan’s legs while he naps or sits beside him. The bond between Buddy and his little brother is evident, and Buddy clearly adores him.

According to Shane, this particular Golden Retriever has a habit of sticking close to newborns whenever he meets one. Buddy makes it a point to follow Nathan around, as far as his little legs can carry him. It’s almost like dogs have an inherent instinct to become protective guardians for these little humans.

It warms my heart to see the strong connection that has developed between the puppy and the baby. They are sure to make an amazing duo in the years to come.

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