Golden Retriever reluctant to share daddy’s attention with new puppy. – Puppies Love

If you have two or more dogs at home, you will understand how jealous they can get if you hug one of them, not the others. Golden Retrievers are fun-loving and caring dogs. However, this gentle and loving dog can also get jealous.

Something like this happened recently with a family in the US. The family had two Golden Retrievers, Bailey, and Mia. Their dad decided to hug and caress Mia in the absence of Bailey. However, nothing would stop Bailey from getting his share of the love from their dad.

When he saw his dad hugging Mia, he quickly ran toward them and jumped up on the sofa. Then, he swiftly moved and came on his human’s lap while pushing Mia away. Soon he occupied his dad’s entire lap, which made Mia get off the sofa.

But Mia was a clever girl. She climbed the sofa once again from behind Bailey. Immediately, their dad began caressing her. However, Bailey was in no mood to give up so easily. So he turned 180 degrees and pushed Mia away.

Bailey continued walking and turning on his dad’s lap, indirectly telling Mia that it was his spot and to stay away. But Mia stayed there on the sofa. Occasionally, their dad would caress Mia. This got Bailey more determined to push Mia away.

He wagged his tail vigorously on Mia’s face and, once in a while, also butted his head in Mia’s belly, telling her to stay away. The two kept fighting to get their dad’s attention, and the owner enjoyed every moment of their playful fight.

If you have pets at home, life can get less stressful and much more manageable. They can make you forget about your worries and remember all the happy moments in your life.

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