Golden Retriever Uses Toilet Like a Human When She Can’t Go On Walks

Train a dog right and they can do practically anything. This smart golden retriever knows how to use the toilet when her owners aren’t around to take her outside. You could say she is the best house trained dog around, leaving no mess. The only thing she can’t do is flush.

While many dogs get caught drinking from the toilet bowl, Tokyo props herself up on her front paws and uses it the way it was intended. “I taught her when she was little,” Alejandro Rodriguez Corrales, 29, said. “She’s my girlfriend’s dog, but I like to teach her different tricks.”

Alejandro, a civil engineer based in Alajuela, Costa Rica, described how he trained Tokyo to use the loo. He said.“At first I’d prop her up on the toilet and give her treats when she went. It was a very difficult and long process, but I was very patient.”

He said that teaching Tokyo how to use the toilet was quite difficult, but he was not discouraged. He would initially let the dog pee there and not let Tokyo poop because that would be too complicated. Now, Tokyo has learnt how to prop herself up on her front paws and use the toilet perfectly.

Alejandro added that, Tokyo is very clean, she never leaves a mess in the bathroom. The only thing the dog doesn’t know how to do is flush. Tokyo is such a smart dog!

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