Goodbye to a Brave and Loyal Companion: The Inspiring Story of a Rescued Flamenco Dog Who Fought Until the End.

The recent rescue of a puppy weighing less than 18kg from Elche, Alicante (Spain) has caused a stir worldwide. The 7-year-old mastiff was discovered malnourished and on the brink of death at the UrƄaser cleaning company premises. The situation is shocking and has garnered a lot of attention.

Upon entering the Huellas Saludas Animal Shelter, he was baptized with the name Ragnar, inspired by the great Norse king Ragnar Lodbrok. Since then, he has been enveloped in an atmosphere of care and devotion from the shelter staff.

Despite being in critical condition, Ragnar’s rescuers remained optimistic and worked tirelessly to save him. Every small improvement was a triumph for the veterinarians at Menescal Novelda clinic who provided 24/7 care for him. They suspect that he may have been confined in a field or warehouse, which could aid police investigations, but progress has yet to be made. Ragnar suffered from an abscess in his ear and face that was infested with worms, yet he fought for his survival with great determination.

On Monday morning, Huellas Salʋadas sadly announced the departure of Ragnar, expressing their deep sadness and disbelief at having to share such devastating news. According to the Protector’s emotional message on social media, Ragnar’s frail body could no longer hold on, causing the Viking warrior to lose the battle. Huellas Salʋadas expressed immense sorrow, stating that they had hoped beyond hope that Ragnar would overcome his illness. The Protector added that Ragnar was now free and surrounded by love, having experienced the other side of humanity where hands are used to caress and show love, not to harm. Despite only being with them for a short time, Huellas Salʋadas believed that Ragnar had lived like a true Viking warrior and would be welcomed into Valhalla.

“Dear Ragnar, your loss has caused us immense pain and we will always remember you. We vow to fight harder than ever to find the perpetrator responsible for this tragedy. You were a little warrior and now you have become a legend that will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace and be free from all the suffering and ungratefulness in the world beyond.” This heartfelt tribute honors the memory of Ragnar, who has now found eternal peace.

The Protector expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the veterinarians and everyone who played a part in helping Ragnar. They appreciate the donations, support, and for spreading awareness about Ragnar’s situation. The Protector is grateful to those who have become the voice for helpless animals. They end by saying a sincere thank you to all, however, they admit that they are still feeling devastated by the pain.

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