Heartbroken Pooch Left Shivering In The Downpour And Left Behind

While heading to a shop in North Carolina, Valinda Cortez stumbled upon a pup that was residing in terrible conditions. The poor dog was wearing a sad expression and seemed to have given up on life. To add to its woes, the rain had drenched it entirely.

Valinda knew that she needed to help the baby immediately. She said, “I felt a heavy weight in my chest as I stepped out of the car. The poor little one had clearly been exposed to the harsh weather for a long time. She was shivering and it was evident that someone had abandoned her.”

In order to gain the dog’s confidence, the lady came closer and wrapped her up in a cozy blanket to make sure she wouldn’t get cold. She then stayed next to the furry friend for more than an hour, earning her trust.

When the dog was ready to be rescued, Valinda reached out to her friend Sue Massi, an expert in rescuing stray dogs in the urban area. Sue arrived in under 20 minutes and took the dog to a safe shelter where it could receive the care and attention it needed.

Valinda expressed that she had lost her trust in humanity. However, she believes that by providing nourishment, a cozy blanket, and affection, she can restore the animal’s confidence in people once more.

Cassie the dog’s face is now beaming with happiness, and that’s exactly why we named her so. This photo perfectly captures her unique personality and I can’t help but feel overjoyed every time I look at it.

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