“Helpless Pup Abandoned on the Street, Cries in Pain and Hunger with Broken Legs”

Numerous stray animals that have suffered from injuries while living on the streets come across kind-hearted people willing to assist them, but unfortunately, these compassionate individuals may not always possess the necessary resources to do so.

Scooter, the adorable pup, had faced a severe injury and someone tried to assist him but failed to finish the treatment due to some unknown reasons.

When they stumbled upon her on the streets of Kolkata, India, she was in a pitiful state. Her hind legs were entangled and rendered her motionless. Moreover, one of her numerous injuries had become septic and was infested with maggots. The concerned individuals who found her initially believed that she had been attacked by another dog.

Scooter, a helpless pup, was carefully transported to a veterinary hospital for medical attention due to two fractured hind legs and infected wounds. Unfortunately, the road to her recovery was a lengthy one.

After receiving months of treatment and care under Alexandra Gade, Scooter was finally ready to be adopted by a loving family. As reported by Paw My Gosh, the lucky family living in Virginia welcomed her into their home and affectionately named her Dobby.

Dobby’s past as a stray puppy was filled with hardship, leaving her with scars as a reminder of her struggles. We hope that by telling her story, we can pay tribute to the heroic individuals who rescued, nurtured, and gave her a forever home.

Check out the video clip here showcasing Dobby’s remarkable progress.

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