Loyal Dog Sticks with Owner Through Thick and Thin, Refuses to Eat or Drink Even After Passing – A Heartwarming Tale by Glorii

After the death of her uncle Paulo Sics, Gisele Sics went through a tough phase. She shared an emotional tale about her uncle’s beloved dog, which demonstrated unwavering love and loyalty towards her late owner. Hailing from Parintins, a region in Brazil’s Amazonas, Gisele recounted how the dog remained by her side at all times, even after her uncle’s passing, and never left her alone. Paulo’s family and friends held him in high regard, and the neighborhood also loved him. However, it was his canine companion who expressed the purest and most sincere form of affection towards him. Though Gisele would miss her uncle dearly, she found solace in knowing that his faithful companion would cherish his memory forever.

While in the ICU, Paulo would often inquire about his friend’s loyal dog, who always received attention and love from him. His friend found immense happiness in his relationship with the canine companion on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Paulo’s health deteriorated rapidly and could not sustain much longer.

Gisele shared that after being rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, the man went straight to the cemetery where his beloved dog was eagerly awaiting him. It was a heart-wrenching sight to witness as the dog tenderly kissed the man’s father who was laying in a casket. For the man, the dog was like his own child and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. The family had no choice but to bring the dog along to prevent him from attempting suicide by jumping into the open grave. In that moment, the man witnessed a love that was unparalleled and truly genuine.

Throughout the entire service, the loyal dog remained by his owner’s side, showcasing an unwavering display of love and devotion. It was evident that the furry companion understood the significance of bidding a final farewell to the person who had raised him since birth, and thus remained steadfastly with his beloved owner.

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