Poor Dog With Her Insides Hanging Out Happily Got Rescued

Dogs are incredibly hardy and tough. Hope was found as a young puppy in Gurgaon, India, with her internal organs protruding. She was saved by Deepika Srivastavva, who intervened.

She was only sobbing uncontrollably and writhing in pain. When she was found, she’d only been living for about 20 days. Her separation from her mother and placement with other stray dogs is the most likely scenario.

Due to their territorial behavior, the dogs attacked her and then abandoned her to perish. Fortunately, she was found and taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery to have her stomach re-implanted.

Hope, who is currently four to five months old, is flourishing. Her name, Hope, is absolutely suitable for her given how much potential she holds and how happy we are that she ever survived.

No one in India wanted to adopt her because of her past, so someone contacted Stray Dog to see if we could assist. She was saved first, without our help. She doesn’t have the skills to survive on the streets, so she can’t go back.

We will take care of this young child until we can find her a new home. Although she seems to be in excellent physical condition, we had to postpone her spay operation due to everything she has been through.

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