“The Incredible Story of a Rescued Pig: From Nose Severed at a Meat Farm to the Heart of a Community Effort”

Numerous rescue groups have filed numerous complaints and warnings regarding dog farms in China. These organizations are responsible for rescuing dogs from the streets or raising them to be transported to slaughterhouses, where their meat is sold.


Each year, rescue efforts are carefully organized, but a significant number of beloved pets continue to suffer. One such example is Angel, a mixed breed dog with Belgian Shepherd ancestry, who was rescued by a group of advocates. Angel and several other animals were en route to a slaughterhouse in Changchun when the activists intervened. Despite having suffered serious injuries, Angel remained an adorable and content pup once she was placed in a safe environment.


After being adopted by Hollie Cornes, Angel the dog started a new chapter in her life. Hollie, being a military dog trainer, had extensive knowledge and experience when it came to handling animals. However, it was heartbreaking for Hollie to see the extent of the harm that had been inflicted on Angel, who was completely innocent. Angel’s owner began sharing pictures of her furry friend on social media, and soon enough, the lovable dog had gained a significant following of fans eager to support her.


Angel seemed to have a comfortable life, but her breathing difficulties were a cause for concern. She had undergone surgery in Beijing before Hollie adopted her, but she faced various challenges in the following months. According to Hollie, she was informed that the instruments used to handle puppies caused damage to Angel’s nose. The problem with her nose was severe, and treating it would be costly. The initial tomography alone cost around $3,000. However, Hollie was pleasantly surprised when a generous woman on Instagram offered to cover the expense.


Angel had difficulty breathing due to the blockage of scar tissue in one nostril. According to Hollie, this condition affected his quality of life and needed to be addressed. Sadly, Angel was only able to breathe through a small 2-millimeter hole, and the wound caused constant bleeding, making his everyday life challenging.


Hollie shared that when they found out that Angel was having a hard time breathing, they knew surgery was the only option. With the help of a GoFundMe campaign, the sweet dog was able to raise enough money for the procedure. Many people were touched by Angel’s sad story and chose to make a donation towards her recovery and future adventures with her owner. It’s amazing to see how much Angel’s life has changed and we believe all dogs deserve a happy ending like hers. Let’s spread the word and share her story!

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