“The Loyal Dog Who Waited Amidst the Ashes of a Burnt Home”

After a month since the Camp Fire destroyed her home in Northern California, a woman was overjoyed to be reunited with her furry pal who was patiently waiting for her amidst the wreckage.

In an interview with ABC10, Andrea Gaylord shared that upon her return to her home in Paradise after the fire, she found Madison, her beloved Anatolian shepherd mix, lying peacefully on the deserted property. Gaylord expressed admiration for Madison’s gentle nature and remarked that it would be difficult to find a better animal companion. Gaylord was unable to rescue Madison and her other dog Miguel during the fire due to safety regulations, and it took several weeks before she could return to search for them. K9 Paw Print Rescue reported that the wildfires had spread rapidly and unpredictably, making it impossible for Gaylord to reach her pets.

Gaylord believed her dogs had made it through the devastating wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes and claimed many lives. She reached out to a local animal rescue volunteer, Shayla Sullivan, who eventually found one of the pups, Miguel, in Citrus Heights, over 80 miles from their home in Paradise. Sullivan continued her search for the other pup, Madison, who she had spotted a few times in the canyon on Facebook. Knowing that Madison was dedicated to his job as a guard dog, Sullivan left food and water on Gaylord’s property, hoping he would return.

The idea crossed her mind to leave a Gaylord-scented piece of clothing on the premises in hopes of luring Madison back. When Gaylord finally made her way home after a month of being gone, she found Madison eagerly waiting for her and protecting what was left of their belongings.

Gaylord shared with ABC10 the emotional experience of his loyal dog Madison waiting for him in the midst of the worst situation. This heartwarming reunion story is just one of many to come out of the devastating Camp Fire, including the tale of Ella, who was found guarding her family’s surviving home after it was destroyed by the fire.

According to Copsey, Ella was protecting the only house left in the street when the evacuation order was issued. Copsey’s family and Gaylord faced the same situation as they were unable to go back home to their dog due to the mandatory evacuation orders. Luckily, they contacted animal control and local police who took care of Ella by providing her with food and water.

Kayla Westman, daughter of Copsey, expressed her delight on hearing that her mother’s dog survived the fire. Despite the hardships that the dog had to endure, Kayla mentioned that she is doing well. However, Kayla acknowledges that there are many other dogs who are in a worse condition, and hence, she is grateful for the fact that her mother’s dog survived.



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