The Most Perilous Houses in the World: Where Even Wealthy Dwellers Hesitate to Reside – Amazing Nature

The world is a weird and dangerous place. There’s just so many strange habits people have and strange things that people do. While the weirdness of the human race gets a spotlight put on it through the Internet, one of the more fascinating things people do is build homes. Well, building houses isn’t really the unique part. Rather, it’s where these people tend to build the houses that leave people scratching their heads.

If you had a choice to choose building a house in a city, the countryside, or somewhere in between, which would you choose? Whatever answer you chose, I doubt you included squishing your house between two apartment buildings. Or chose to live in a desert. As wacky as these things sound, they are all too real.

While some people may not have much of a choice as to where they live, it is still mind boggling as to why some of these people are calling these locations “home”. With polar bears roaming right outside your window, wouldn’t you be a bit frightened? Or, how about living in a single room for decades? Yes, that also happened.

This list compiles 15 of the most dangerous places people have built their homes. Ranging from the zany to the dangerous and the downright bizarre, this list makes you scratch your head. What compels these people to do this? Why would they put themselves in harm’s way? And why do these people stay there? Only you can judge for yourself. And if you see your own area on this list, you may want to reconsider where you live. It may just be a bit too dangerous.

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