The Unbreakable Spirit of a Tick-Infested Pup with Bound Tail

A volunteer from OrphanPet in Greece found Blossom, a dog who had been a stray for several weeks or possibly even months. The canine was in a terrible condition, having wandered the streets for a long time.

There was a chain wire stuck in her tail for quite some time, causing it to become massively swollen due to the tightness of the chain.

Blossom was in a bad state and on top of that, she was infested with numerous ticks. After running some tests, the doctors found out that her blood had thinned out due to the tick infestation. Without their help, she would have succumbed to her condition soon. The situation was dire, and they knew they had to act fast to save her.

After being brought in, they gave her a blood transfusion and had to amputate her tail. The process of removing the ticks was done with great care and patience as they were removed one by one. However, it took almost a week for them to successfully remove every single dead tick.

It is amazing to witness the incredible transformation that she has undergone. She is currently in excellent physical condition and has acquired a few furry friends during her journey. The most exciting news is that she has found a loving home through adoption!

After being rescued by a kind-hearted volunteer and brought into her forever home, she has finally found a new lease on life. It’s all thanks to the amazing rescuers at OrphanPet who gave her a second chance. Without them, she may not have survived.

Observe how she was saved and changed in the following clip. It’s absolutely remarkable!

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