“When Neglect Turns to Tragedy: The Heartbreaking Story of a Dog Abused by Its Owner”

A Facebook post that gained widespread attention alerted animal advocates in Houston to a dog in need of assistance. The poor pup had been mistreated and left with deformities by its cruel owner.

Gus the dog was fortunate enough to be saved when he quickly approached the rescuers. Unfortunately, there was a shoestring tied around his neck that caused his head to become deformed and severely swollen.

Gus has been actively involved in this unfortunate situation for about a year now, as reported by the local residents. The rescue team immediately took the dog to a nearby animal hospital where they discovered that a surgical procedure was necessary. However, due to excessive connective tissue, they had to abort the surgery. Consequently, the canine was transferred to the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital to receive treatment from a specialist in soft tissue until he was ready for the operation. Fortunately, the dog underwent the surgery successfully and is now in good health.

Fortunately, Gus was adopted by a loving family who will provide him with a forever home. It’s heartwarming! You can see the entire story in the video below. Please share it with your loved ones and friends.

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