A Shy Puppy Finds Refuge in My Arms: A Tale of Unconditional Love

According to Animals Care Media, the National Rescue Center is situated in Mexico and operates multiple smaller branches in underdeveloped countries. Sadly, due to the poverty of the people residing in these areas, animal welfare is not a top priority. Consequently, many animals are left to fend for themselves, scavenging through garbage dumps and not receiving the necessary attention. However, the National Rescue Center aims to rectify this issue by finding loving homes for stray animals and nursing injured animals back to health.

Animals Care Media received a heartwarming video from one of their subscribers about an adorable puppy living close to a landfill. Despite being wary of humans, the little pooch was scavenging for food in the area.

The generous man attempted to capture the animal but unfortunately failed. He then reached out to the Animals Care Media for assistance. A rescuer arrived and thoroughly searched through all the rubbish dumps in the area, but the animal was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, the rescuer spotted him taking cover under a heap of firewood in an attempt to keep warm.

After being rescued, the individual who found him brought the male puppy to their home, where they ran some tests and provided him with food. Currently, the pup is estimated to be around two to three months old and weighs approximately 1.8 kilograms. Fortunately, he appears to be in good physical condition and has a lively, charming personality.

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