“Heroic Police Officer Saves Trembling Pup Trapped in Pipe for 6 Hours with Creative Rescue Mission”

A frightened puppy was rescued from an underground water pipe after being stuck there for more than six hours. The pug, who was trapped in the narrow tube, looked miserable in a photo taken during the rescue operation. Donatello, a one-month-old puppy, has been given this name by his owner, Monica Kawahisa Yoshioka, who relied on him as a companion like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A heart-breaking photo taken during the rescue shows the pitiful pug trapped inside the narrow tuƄe

A heart-wrenching image of a pug stuck in a tight space was captured during its rescue mission. Donatello, one of six puppies, got injured when he fell into a pipeline opening being repaired by workers in Guara, southeast Brazil. Monica, his owner, tried to get him out for four hours but failed as he was nowhere to be found along the pipe. The situation became more alarming when Donatello’s whining stopped. As a last resort, Monica called Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards. The guards had to break the pipe to locate the puppy. Donatello was inside and had licked the broken pieces. Even after breaking the pipe, finding the dog was still a difficult task. The officers dug two holes, one in the corridor and the other in the garden, but were unable to find him. To ensure that Donatello was still alive, they took pictures inside the pipe. Finally, after a two-hour operation, the puppy was rescued.

For four hours, Monica, 35, a ʋet, tried her Ƅest to coax terrified Donatello out

Monica, a 35-year-old woman, spent four hours trying to soothe Donatello. Amarildo Aparecido dos Santos, a civil guard, shared that the pup was found with the help of a mobile phone placed inside the cage. Despite several attempts, the animal was not found until it was discovered to have been washed lower down in another area of the garden. The police had to create a hole close to where the puppy was trapped and remove earth covering the PVC piping. To free the pup, they pushed it from behind using a garden hose placed down the pipe. Eventually, with the help of the dog’s owner, the pup was saved. Monica recalled how she noticed something was wrong with the puppy while feeding them that morning. After hearing noises from underground, she quickly realized that the pup had fallen into the hole left open after fixing a leak in the pipe.

The teaм of officers dug two holes, one in the hallway and the other in the garden in a two-hour operation

The policemen carried out a task that lasted for two hours, where they created two holes. One of these holes was made in the corridor, while the other was dug in the yard.

The Ƅewildered creature was finally pulled free unharмed Ƅut ʋery dirty. He is pictured here after haʋing a good clean

After a heroic rescue mission by Monica and the local municipal guards, the confused animal was released from its confinement unscathed, albeit covered in grime. A heartwarming photo captured the creature after receiving a thorough cleaning. Monica’s brave efforts were caught on video as she leaned over a broken pipe in her garden, coaxing the dog to safety with gentle tapping on the truck. Meanwhile, a police officer provided assistance by nudging the dog from behind with a hose. The outcome could have been catastrophic, but thankfully, the teamwork of Monica and the municipal guards proved successful in saving the captive animal. The rambunctious pup is now safe at home and back to its playful self, none the worse for wear. Reference: dailymail.co.uk.

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