When Love Knows No Bounds: One Woman’s Mission to Care for 80 Senior Dogs in Her Own Home

Have you met Valerie Reid yet? She is an incredible woman who couldn’t stand the thought of elderly dogs spending their last moments alone. To solve this problem, she transformed her own home into a hospice for these precious animals.

The Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary, a not-for-profit organization based in Missouri, is now providing care to around 80 senior dogs simultaneously. The sanctuary came into existence in 2017 when Valerie faced difficulties in finding a home for her aging Doberman, which belonged to her father.

According to her, she and her husband had already reached the maximum number of pets allowed in their city and couldn’t take in another one. They tried to find a rescue organization that could help, but unfortunately, none were willing to accept the pet due to its age.

Valeria now provides a home for senior dogs whose owners have either passed away or moved to a retirement facility. These furry friends have spent an extended period in shelters before finding a comfortable and loving space.

Valerie Reid from Missouri has converted her residence into a sanctuary for old dogs named Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary. This hospice of elderly canines has a capacity of up to 80 dogs, and Valerie derives the most satisfaction from witnessing their transformation when they feel secure and loved.

Valerie Reid, a 44-year-old woman, founded the Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary because she could not bear the idea of elderly dogs spending their last moments alone. The non-profit organization takes in dogs that have been in shelters for extended periods or those whose owners have moved into retirement homes or passed away.

According to Valerie, the head of the charitable organization, the dogs are treated as a part of the family and have the freedom to move between the two buildings. They are always with them, and they live openly. The primary objective of their charity is to assist people in getting ready for the end of life, which is unpredictable for everyone. They aim to give their elderly citizens a comfortable and loving send-off. Although it is emotional, they consider it an honor to provide love and care to seniors.

Initially, my aim was to support pet owners who, like my father, were unable to take care of their senior dogs. However, as I became more involved in this endeavor, I realized the overwhelming number of dogs in dire need of assistance. Sadly, they are a neglected group within the rescue community.

As a result, my husband Josh and I decided to leave our residence in Kansas City and relocate to a sanctuary in Hermitage Missouri. Our new home spans 3,000 square feet and includes an additional 1,700 square foot building exclusively dedicated to sheltering our four-legged companions.

Valerie expressed her amazement at how much the sanctuary has grown beyond her expectations. She finds joy in the fact that there are many dogs who reciprocate the love given to them. Her ultimate goal is for each dog to leave the sanctuary feeling cherished. The sanctuary now has 17 full-time staff members who provide round-the-clock care for their 80 residents. Over time, they have managed to provide comfort for 790 dogs as they transitioned into the next phase of life.

The aim is to ensure that our furry friends leave this world feeling cherished and loved. We hold them close and often shed tears together because they are a part of our family and we adore them dearly. It’s crucial for all of us to plan for the future, including our spouses, children, and pets. While death may seem daunting, it’s a privilege to age gracefully and ultimately face our mortality. The video below showcases more heartwarming images of the senior dogs we assist. We are grateful for any help we can get as we’re inundated with requests and medical expenses. Our ultimate hope is to raise awareness about the pressing need for senior care and our sanctuary.

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