A Tale of Resilience: The One-of-a-Kind Pup Fighting Against Discrimination on the Streets with Extra Limbs and Wagging Tails

Introducing Mia – a charming puppy who has a very unique birth condition. She is blessed with five legs and two tails, which is quite rare to observe in canines. Unfortunately, Mia’s owners had to give her up as they were not equipped to handle the specialized care and treatment that she needed.

The animal shelter called Casas Cunas has welcomed a new puppy named Mia into their care and is currently providing her with the best possible care. Mia, who is only two months old, will receive deworming treatment as she has a bloated tummy.

Mia has an extra set of paws and tails located close to her stomach. Along with this unique physical feature, she also experiences genetic disorders such as possessing two vaginas and two anuses, which results in using both for eliminating waste.

At this time, the shelter is seeking donations to aid in funding the surgery for the furry friend. However, before the operation can take place, more accurate x-rays and ultrasounds are needed in order to determine the most effective course of action for the necessary medical procedures.

Mia is the only one in her litter who has caught the illness, and the rest of her siblings have already found their forever homes.

In 2021, a puppy named Skipper was treated by a doctor at Neel Veterinary Hospital. The doctor believes that Skipper was supposed to have a twin but didn’t fully separate, resulting in the puppy being born with six legs, two tails, two pelvic areas, and two reproductive systems.

It is assumed that Mia is dealing with the same genetic abnormality from birth. Her surgeries are scheduled for the next 5 days, with the first one being tomorrow. Mia is receiving constant attention and treatment from her veterinarian.

The most recent update on the puppy’s condition is optimistic, and we’re all hoping for a happy and healthy future for her. However, at this time, providing assistance for her care is proving to be challenging and costly.

We are sharing Mia’s story in the hopes that animal rights advocates will come forward to assist with the expenses of her upcoming medical procedures. Please spread the word amongst your loved ones and acquaintances!

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