“The Enchanting Tree Root Temple in Cambodia: A Surreal Sight Amidst Strangler Figs”

The breathtaking domination of a historic Buddhist temple by Mother Nature.

Ta Prohm, also known as the “Eye of Wisdom,” is a temple located near Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was constructed in the late 12th and early 13th centuries as part of the larger Angkor Wat complex. The temple is nicknamed the “Tomb Raider Temple” or the “Angelina Jolie Temple” because it was featured in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001). The temple was established by King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and educational center dedicated to his mother. The structure housed around 80,000 people, including 2,700 officials and 615 dancers. However, after the Khmer Empire’s collapse in the 15th century, Ta Prohm was abandoned and neglected for many years.

Ta Prohm temple, located in a lush jungle setting, was built using no mortar. Over time, the temple became abandoned, allowing silk-cotton and strangler fig trees to grow through the dislodged stones and establish roots. This unique interdependence between the trees and the temple has made it a highly popular destination for tourists to the region. The temple’s original appearance was intentionally preserved to showcase its natural state when rediscovered in the 19th century. It is fascinating to observe how the survival of both the trees and the building rely on each other, as if one crumbles, they both perish.

The credit for the image goes to Diego Delso.

The image credit goes to Diego Delso.

The credit for the image goes to Mr. Theklan.


The credit for the image goes to Diego Delso.

Attribution: Diego Delso

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Credit for the image goes to Diego Delso.

The credits for the image belong to Adib Wahab.

Attribution: Photo by Christian Haugen on Flickr


Credit goes to Christian Haugen for the photo featured in this article, which was sourced from Flickr.

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