“Cooling Canine Burns with Fish Skin: A Unique Veterinary Treatment”

In the first month of the year, Archer, a furry resident of Alaska, faced a traumatic incident when his abode went up in flames. The poor dog was eegeu_gped (shell-shocked) and suffered from severe burns during the tragic incident. When the local fire department arrived at the scene, they stumbled upon Archer covered in flames. The firefighters tried to help the elderly dog but he was frightened and ran away leaving many worried about his fate and recovery.

As Dr. Oakley was away in California during the time of Archer’s injury, it fell upon Archer’s owner to embark on a seven-hour car journey to reach the nearest vet and seek treatment for his beloved pet’s condition. The travel itself was not easy, as the weather was bad at the time. Once Archer’s health had stabilized to some degree, he was able to return home and begin the long process of recovery with Dr. Oakley’s assistance.
Talking to PEOPLE, Dr. Oakley elaborated on the intricate procedure that she carried out to help Archer. “We began by making some adjustments to the space and setting up a sterile environment in my office in town to ensure everything stayed clean,” Dr. Oakley shared. “From there, we proceeded with the necessary modifications.”

Dr. Oakley realized that Archer needed more help than she could provide and sought the advice of a physician affiliated with the University of California, Davis. The physician suggested a new therapy involving the use of tilapia fish skins to speed up the healing process of Archer’s burns. The physician even showed Dr. Oakley how to apply the therapy to Archer. Archer was soon covered in fish skin, giving him a scaly appearance, which led to his nickname, “Archer the Dragonslayer.” Dr. Oakley noticed immediate improvement in Archer’s wounds and burns, especially those on his face.

Furthermore, the Archer’s story of resilience and perseverance brought the entire community of Haines together. While Dr. Oakley tirelessly tended to Archer’s medical needs without charging, the locals chipped in to cover any extra expenses incurred during the treatment. These expenses included various procedures, laser therapy, numerous medication adjustments, and other healing methods.

With their combined efforts, Archer’s transformation was truly remarkable. From an aged, hairless dog with pink skin and severe burns, he grew into a healthy, happy canine with a quarter-sized bald spot on his face, a testament to the power of love and resilience. Throughout his journey, Archer’s story served as a source of inspiration for the entire community, reminding them of the strength of unity and compassion.

Although Dr. Oakley played a crucial part in her patient’s recovery, she attributes most of the credit to Archer due to his gentle and amiable nature. Despite facing considerable difficulties, Archer consistently attended all his veterinarian appointments with an enthusiastic tail wag. Moreover, Archer’s journey has proved beneficial to other animals that require healing. Dr. Oakley has gained extensive knowledge about treating burns thanks to Archer’s experience, which she can now apply to help other creatures who have suffered from fire-related injuries.

Dr. Oakley expressed her excitement about how the recovery of one patient can contribute to saving many animals. She was referring to the other animals under her care. The experience of assisting Archer in his recovery for several months remains a memorable and fulfilling moment for Dr. Oakley as a veterinarian. It was also one of the most enjoyable patient experiences she has encountered in her career.

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