Heartwarming Tale: Dog Rescued After Being Chained to a Tree for Half a Decade and Thriving in New Life

As a young pup, Marco was not appreciated by his owner, who used to be a hunter, and showed him no affection. Instead, the owner left Marco out in the backyard and tied him to a single tree, thinking the dog had no value whatsoever. This account was shared by ilovemydogsomuch.

Wow, that Coptic wagpip is impressive! Please be aware that the following content may be uncomfortable for certain individuals.

For half a decade, the man provided the pooch with old bread and leftovers. Marco yearned for human interaction and love, yet nobody in the secluded town was cognizant of his agony. You can watch the video by scrolling down. The moment the saviors arrived, Marco’s intense gaze filled with longing overwhelmed them. The infectious disease had spread throughout his face, known as leishmaniasis. Although the treatment for it is excruciating, the rescuers promised him a full recovery. They took him from his owner’s care and hurried to the vet.

It’s truly saddening to watch the video of Marco going through such intense and harsh treatment. However, the rescue team was relieved to see that he’s been slowly getting better. It’s quite upsetting to think about how simple it would have been to prevent this situation if Marco’s owner had taken better care of him. It’s impressive that Marco managed to endure such a difficult and painful treatment for five whole months.

The most touching moment in this movie occurs when Marco, who has been cured, meets his adoptive family for the first time. It is heartwarming to see him embrace his new surroundings, with a magnificent home and an extensive garden filled with flowers all to himself. Now, he can bask in the love and attention of his loving parents for the rest of his days. Kudos to you, Marco, for a job well done! Check out the video.


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