“From ‘Fighting Bait’ to Fighter: The Incredible Transformation of a Dog with Severe Facial Injuries”

Haddie, a dog who was once used as bait in dog fighting and suffered severe injuries including the loss of half her face, has finally found true love after being adopted. Her previous ordeal left her unrecognizable and with rotting skin, forcing her to undergo a significant amount of surgery that resulted in her losing an eye. However, Erin Williams, 36, was immediately drawn to Haddie’s unique appearance and decided to adopt her. The duo now lives happily and safely together in Washington, D.C., with Haddie overcoming her fear of other dogs and enjoying playing in the neighborhood park. Erin says that Haddie has become a real “dog’s dog,” which delights her heart. She discovered Haddie on petfinder.com in August 2020 and was so taken by her story that she couldn’t stop thinking about her.

According to Erin, Haddie was initially described as a friendly and playful dog, but she had a fear of other dogs. The mere sound or sight of a dog would cause her to shake uncontrollably. So, Erin decided to seek the help of a professional dog trainer to help Haddie overcome her deep-rooted anxieties. They started by introducing Haddie to a dog from a distance while feeding her hot dogs. Gradually, they increased the proximity until Haddie became comfortable with the presence of dogs and associated them with security. Erin believes that Haddie’s personality, intelligence, and resilience played a significant role in the success of the process. Currently, Haddie enjoys running around with other dogs in the local park and exhibits a happy little hop when excited to go outside.

Most people respond positively to Haddie with warmth and kindness, according to Erin. Haddie’s zest for life is so evident that it’s hard not to be affected by it, says Erin. While they do occasionally encounter negative reactions, such as harsh comments or uncomfortable looks, these are infrequent, and those who react negatively will never have the opportunity to get to know Haddie, which is their loss. Erin also credits Haddie with helping her manage her depression, as Haddie is always there to remind her to go for a walk and is always ready for a nap.

Erin established social media accounts for Haddie on Instagram and TikTok, where she has discovered the kindness of people around the world. According to Erin, Haddie’s supporters are supportive and courteous, and this has made her happy. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones.

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