Heart-wrenching Journey: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Bait Dog Rescue’s Inspiring Work

It’s always heartwarming to hear tales of rescued or adopted bait dogs. They make for the best stories to share. Yet, I want to stress the significance of this video as it showcases how bait dogs are found.

By sharing this video, we can help raise awareness about the terrible lives that dogs live before being rescued and highlight the importance of advocating for stronger penalties for dog fighting around the world. Tom McPhee, who is both the Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) and the Producer Director of American Strays series, joins forces with Michigan Humane Society Officers to uncover new cases of dogs being used as “bait” for fighting dogs. The documentary cameras capture the unimaginable conditions that these dogs are forced to endure, including broken bones, untreated wounds, tied lips, maggots, and malnutrition.

According to Michigan Humane Society Officer, Jenny Jackson, dog fights are a year-round problem. Sadly, the perpetrators are often young kids who take pit bulls and tie them up in abandoned yards or battle them in parks. These dogs are unlikely to receive proper care in terms of medical attention, food, shelter, etc. Unfortunately, these dogs are often forgotten, which just adds to their suffering.

Luckily, the Michigan Humane Society and WA2S stepped in to assist these pit bulls in need. Nonetheless, there are numerous other dogs out there that require rescuing. Check out the accompanying video to witness the uplifting conclusion of this heartwarming tale.

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