When Fate Intervenes: A Story of a Blinded Father Dog Abandoned by a Puppy Factory

On the 5th of November, a poor dog named Benki was left behind in Lara, Venezuela. Sadly, he was blind and had lost his right hind leg.

Benki exhibited indications of sexual abuse, a typical occurrence among male dogs raised in puppy farms or factories. This emphasizes the need to abandon breeding dogs when they are no longer productive. In Benki’s case, he may have been blinded to prevent him from escaping, and then he was struck, causing the loss of his right rear leg.

Fortunately, the X-ray results indicate that Benki did not sustain any major physical injuries. However, his psychological condition is a major concern as he experienced significant emotional distress. Upon being seen by the veterinarian, Benki became extremely disoriented and cried out loudly. In an effort to soothe him, the vet engaged in frequent conversation with him.

The great thing about him is that he’s a very smart pup.

After spending a week at the shelter, he felt much happier. He was able to learn how to determine which direction the speaker was coming from after receiving about ten days of training.

Benki has transformed into a completely healthy and happy pup. His previous sedentary lifestyle had caused him to gain some extra pounds, but his current caretaker is working hard to create a sense of security for the furry friend. Encouraging him to use the shelter’s stairs, and showering him with love and affection, are just a few of the ways in which he is being shown the care he deserves.

At the moment, he’s still searching for a forever place of love to call his own.

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