“Stranded and Seeking Help: One Man’s Journey to Find His Way Back”

In Sarajevo, early in the morning at 7:55 a.m., the only thing standing on their ground was a school. It would be nice if we could have some diversity. The locals were deeply saddened by the cruelty they witnessed when encountering a small dog.

A cute little puppy, about three to four months old, roams the streets seeking help. However, no one pays any attention to him and simply glances at him coldly.

Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his team were patrolling the Bjelave neighborhood in Sarajevo when they spotted a little stray dog outside an elementary school. The poor pup didn’t stand a chance of surviving in the freezing cold weather! Fortunately, he was a friendly little guy, so catching him wasn’t too difficult. The rescuers scooped him up and took him with them, giving him a chance at a better life.

Expressing his gratitude, Fahrudin appreciates all the support and recognition he receives for his tireless efforts. He acknowledges the assistance provided to him for looking after his rescued canines until they find their forever homes.

Bobby was the name bestowed upon him. After some months, Bobby finally found a forever home, and it is our hope that every dog out there will experience the same.

I would like to kindly request that you share this story to help us in our mission to rescue and find homes for as many dogs as we can. Your unwavering support means a lot to us. Thank you, everyone.

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